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Very often we hear spectators tell us "WOW"!
That was the most exciting sports event I have ever seen,
I wish I could do that!
The usual reply at the Dallas Polo Club is
"Great, come take a lesson this week!"
Most first-timers are surprised to learn that most of the
players at the Dallas Polo Club started out just like
they did - with little or NO riding experience,
no knowledge of the game and never having
considered polo as something "real" people can do.
Dallas Polo Club strives to change that.
The Dallas Polo Club is filled with members
who all have one thing in common -
Their love of polo began with a single lesson.

Dallas Polo Club takes a stair-step approach to
new player.  The first step is Polo School.
When players enroll in Polo School, they purchase
a lesson or package of lessons.  In the course
of those lessons, new players are taught
the very basics of polo.


Lessons are held in the arena on DPC horses and
are scheduled before and after other polo
activities so the student can meet other DPC club
members, as well as, see the concepts they are
learning about in action.  The instruction is primarily
related to the mechanics of riding the horse and hitting the
ball, although some time is spent on the concept of  "the line".



The object of the Polo School is not to make high-goalers in a
month, but rather to give each student enough of a foundation
to make an informed decision as to whether polo is a sport
which they want to continue to pursue.  Should a student
choose to continue after they have finished Polo School,
the atmosphere and polo schedule at the Dallas Polo Club
make it very easy to take the next step.  Because many of
our members also learned to play polo at DPC, they are
eager to help new members.  The large number of members
and the wide variety of polo offered means that we have
just the right atmosphere and level of polo for everyone.
The players you will meet at the club are a fun and
diverse group from all walks of life; forget the stuffy
country club stereotype, this is Texas and you will find that
the players are thrilled to get new players involved
in the club.  In addition to polo, the club 
offers numerous social opportunities away from the field.

Dallas Polo Club has been teaching polo to new players for
over a decade now.  DPC tailors the program for each player,
a new player with years of riding experience may be playing
with other club members in a month, others need more time to
learn the basics before they progress to faster play.  It is not
uncommon for new players to progress from "Which way do I
face on the horse?" to playing in front of big crowds in less
than one year.  Polo is possibly the most exciting sport you will
every try, combining elements of hockey, rugby, baseball and
soccer.  And oh yeah, remember that you are doing all that
from the back of a galloping 1000 pound horse?  
We encourage EVERYONE to least try it once!


A Family Sport


If you would like more information about learning to play
please contact the Polo School at (214) 979-0300